Dome Tents−A Worthwhile Experience!

Dome Tents−A Worthwhile Experience!

If you are an adventurous person who loves to wander then a tent is the basic necessity you need. Camping has come a long way with the evolution of practices and incorporation of technologies, and now it is much more feasible and time-saving.

What are Dome Tents?

Dome tents are the upgraded version of camping. They gained popularity because of their easy installation and rigid nature which protects the users from the harshness of weather. Besides camping, dome tents are the foremost choice of the users who want to defy the norms of arranging events in a conventional place.

Geodesic Dome Tents

With its shell structure ranging from 4 to 80 meters, this tent is ideal for large gatherings and functions. The main attraction of the geodesic dome tent is its effectiveness against the hurdles of the environment. Having only a few steps, its installation is quite easy. To top all of its features, these tents tend to act as semi-permanent buildings.

Glamping Dome

In the world of camping, glamping dome forms when innovations integrate with conventional camps. You can have once in a lifetime experience of camping if you opt for a glamping dome tent. The size of the glamping dome varies from 4 to 10 meters depending upon the place. They feature luxuries like lighting, a temperature-changing facility, well-furnished rooms, and other amenities.

Events Dome

If you are skeptical about arranging your corporate event, then look no further as a geodesic dome tent is ideal for this purpose. Their size is compatible with arranging events that require a formal setup. The geodesic tent is your only resort which ensures appreciation at the end of the day.

360 Projection Dome

Have you ever wondered if an experience of 3D along with camping is a real thing?
With BDIR, your dream becomes a reality of having a breath-taking experience. The 360 projector dome offers a unique idea with the incorporation of multiple projectors inside the dome. The projectors throw their projections simultaneously to create a 3D illusion of the world you want. It uses upgraded sound systems to create an effect that is in sync with the 3D illusion. Projection dome is a flawless revolution in the world of camping through which you can dwell in the nonfictional world of your favorite series or character.

Greenhouse Dome

Global warming has done enough harm to the planet earth. The demand for greens has increased proportionally throughout these years. The greenhouse dome is an exemplary attempt to save the plant's habitat. It deals with providing the horticulturists and planters with a medium that protects the plants and ensures their growth at every stage. Growing flowers, vegetables, and herbs that require specific care has become trouble-free with the Greenhouse Dome. On-demand, it also arranges a readymade environment for those plants which are fragile such as water plants.

Glass Dome

Glass Dome is a dome made up of glass. Users can customize the glass according to their preferences. Transparent glass in the dome is used when the fusion of nature is the aim of the classic dome setup. On the contrary, a glass dome uses colorful glass to create an environment of its own. BDIR provides glass domes for parties, get-togethers, wedding ceremonies, and corporate events.